Main Raffle Sponsor

Latex Catfish

Latex Catfish will be contributing to the Raffle with 3 vouchers, valued a 300 USD, 200 USD and 100 USD to be redeemed at the official website

Main Raffle Sponsor

Arollo Boots

One lucky winner will get a fantastic pair of Arollo Chap Boots that can be ordered in the appropriate size from the Arollo website

Main raffle sponsor

Rude and Crude

Rude And Crude will create a custom latex handbag for just one winner. All arrangements will be made during the Gala.

John Thomas Toys

John Thomas Toys adds one set of collar restraints to the Raffle. Visit their website at:


Our friends at Enfettered participate in the Raffle with one flogger. Remember to check their website at:

Kinkplay takes part in the Raffle with one CBT Toy. Visit their website at:

Cathouse Clothing

Cathouse Clothing contributes to the raffle with one latex item from their catalogue. Visit their website at:


Godemiche suppòrts the Raffle with *****. Visit their website at:

TLC Clothing

TLC Latex joins the Raffle with a Voucher to be used in their online store. Visit their website at: