The Omega Compound

Uniquely challenging vision

BDSM is an erotic preference that consists of power exchange, consensual bondage and intense physical stimulation combined with complex psycho-sexual relationships.

For some people it involves only a few hours of play as a sensual distraction. For others it is a lifestyle.

The Omega Compound was created to cover both needs and many more. From sessions to parties or even to a full kinky vacation.

Mistress Alexandra is glad to welcome you in Her new temple

The Omega Idea

A non conventional dungeon, a temple of God-esses, where every kinky fantasy can live under the same roof. A massive play space, over 300 square meters that remind you of a small castle and 2.000 square meters outdoors. There is nothing you can dream about and not make it reality.

The Omega Vision

A uniquely challenging temple for those who want to live their kinky dreams, vacation or session. 7 different rooms, each one created to cover most of your kinky visions: cell, prison, medical room, latex room,  luxurious vintage living room and so much more. As for outdoors you can only imagine and can be used depending on your desire and imagination. We guarantee that Omega is a temple where you become addicted and never want to leave.

The Omega Passion

The sizeable Omega compound is suitable for sessions, filming, parties, rental or even a full vacation. The passion for BDSM can be clearly seen in each corner of Omega.

Mistress Alexandra Balance

My life is BDSM.

The Omega Compound

The Location


Far away from the curious eyes but yet close to everything, Omega graters all the discreetness that you need without having to leave the comfort of the city. Only 25 min away from the airport and from the center of Athens, easy to reach, with a discreet parking.


Elite Dominatrix are taking sessions at the Omega Compound.


Available for short and long term rental to couples and professionals


For amateur and professionals. Suitable also for video clips

Parties and Events

Want to organize your own party? You found the right place

The Omega Compound

The Facilities

Hidden from the curious eyes, however close to all Greek attractions, Omega graters all the privacy you need without having to leave the comfort of the city. The location is mere 25 min away from the airport and from the center of Athens, easy to reach, with a discreet parking. Once there, you  will feel your senses taking you to another dimension, the BDSM world of your dreams

The BDSM dream house consists of a lavish 300 square meters of the elegance and the darkness you need in your life. Firstly, you get to see the isolation chamber, where the prisoner can be kept or interrogated. Next comes the jail, where it will be kept for the night and tortured mercilessly. As you climb the stairs, you realize the dark mystery that awaits you. Suddenly will see…. A big and a small living room, 3 bedrooms – medical room – torture room, the kitchen and 2 bathrooms. Omega is furnished with the classic elegance of wood and marble, fully equipped with all the BDSM equipment that you need.

And when you tought it can’t be more, there is. Beyond the lavish intgerior, the exterior will surprise you with 2000 square meters of open play space where everything is possible. Even a horse race or a mud house.

Omega is uitable for short or extended session, videos clips, rental, parties and so much more. Let your imagination be your guide in customizing it for your own needs!

Upcoming Events

8, 9, 10 July, 2022

Summer Fetish Festival

8th July
The Sissy Tales
9th July
Spanking & Pain Pleasure
Vanilla Corruption
10th July
Foot Fetish Nation

To be disclosed

Autumn Fetish Party